Monday, December 15, 2014

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DAVID OAKILL: Philadelphia in Black & White &emdash; City Hall North

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Rushland Rd Sunset

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Morning Fog

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; Morning Fog
Morning Fog | 2014
Shot from the car on the way to work last week while stuck in traffic. Started carrying around my Ricoh GR Digital III which I used to carry daily while shooting street.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hiking In Colorado - Chautauqua & Flat Irons

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Chautauqua Trail
Chautauqua Trail -
Canon EOS 5D Mark II, f/11 @21 mm, 1/160, ISO 200

Spent a day hiking the Chautauqua Trail in Bolder Colorado. The weather was perfect and the color on the trees was better than back home in PA.

Picked up a Clik Elite Venture 30 pack for this trip and I was not disappointed. I've been looking at Clik bags for awhile, but didn't have an excuse to to buy one, until now. Not going to review the bag here, but I might in the future. It isn't perfect, but it worked for the gear I have currently and the near future.

The trail starts gradually and works its way to the Flat Iron trails and a few others. The Flat Irons are visible in the photo above, shot as we started out. Below is a shot looking at the angle of the hill with Boulder in the background.

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Chautauqua Meadow
Chautauqua Trail -
Canon EOS 5D Mark II, f/11 @17 mm, 1/400, ISO 200

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Flat Iron
Flat Irons - Canon EOS 5D Mark II, f/10 @40 mm, 1/320, ISO 200

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Flat Irons View
Bolder - Canon EOS 5D Mark II, f/8 @17 mm, 1/640, ISO 200

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Focus Stacking

Tried playing around with focus stacking this afternoon. This was the second attempt. It's not a very hard process, but I was shooting at a pretty bad time. Losing light fast at the end of a very windy day, meant long exposures and only the rocks were cooperating standing still long enough.

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Neshaminy Sunset
Neshaminy Sunset


     Canon 17-40L @ 21mm | F16 | 8.0 seconds | ISO 100

Five shots at various focus distances. Blended in Photoshop and developed in LightRoom.


  1. Edited the five shots identically in Lightroom adjusting the lens profile, white balance, slight brightness and contrast, sharpening, etc.
  2. Selected all the images and exported to Photoshop and opened as layers in a single composite.
  3. Auto aligned layers in Photoshop (though wasn't really necessary since it was shot on a tripod).
  4. Auto blended layers as a stack
  5. Saved and then slight additional editing in lightroom (dodging & burning). 
Not really needed for such a wide shot at F16, but wanted to take a stab at it anyway. Would be better with longer focal length or wider aperture where getting everything in focus is hard. This wasn't that much better than shooting one shot at F16 or spending the time shooting bracketed images instead.