Wednesday, April 16, 2014

High Rocks - Ralph Stover State Park

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; Ralph Stover State Park 01
Tohicken Creek and foot bridge. Ralph Stover State Park.

Made it up to Ralph Stover State Park a couple days ago to check out the trails, high rocks, and take some shots. The weather was pretty shitty for shooting. Black and white was the only way to salvage some of the shots. Getting time to shoot isn't easy and getting the light, weather, and nature to cooperate is even harder. There were a few buds in the trees, some grass and ferns popping up, but nothing to make a color shot pop. Still early in the year.

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; HIgh Rocks
High Rocks State Park.

Even the wind wouldn't cooperate. The five layer HDR color shot above has blur from the movement of the trees due to strong winds at the top of "High Rocks". This was a quick comp to see if it was worth spending more time doing it by hand in Photoshop. It isn't. Don't see enough to get anything more out of it other then blending the trees. I'm not a big fan of overdone "artsy" HDR which is what this would end up turning into. I'll delete the file and put it out of it's misery before going down that road. 

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; Ralph Stover State Park 02
Tohicken Creek - Ralph Stover State Park.

Last shot, above, which is just a reverse direction of the first image above. Tried stacking two Cokin ND8 filters to slow down the shutter and got the bloody wash effect......horrendous magenta cast. Lesson learned in buying the cheaper product.

Not a big science of photography nerd, but the cast comes from the ND filters not blocking the IR light so the camera sensor picks it up and it looks like pink wash over the image. Or something like that. Anyway, it's more pronounced when you stack the filters. I never noticed it using the filter by itself.

Guess it's time to invest in some better filters. So if you're in the market for magic filters that literally see the world through rose colored glass (resin), send me an email.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spiderman Bokeh

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; Spiderman Bokeh
Spiderman Pinball game.

Not really a fan of "Bokeh" shots. I don't understand the allure. They are not particularly hard to create as long as you have a decent enough lens. Which is probably why I don't like them. They seem to be used to either showoff a lens or allow a photographer to showoff. My only concern is people think that this type of shot (along with selective focus and shallow depth of field) somehow is a sign of a "pro" or serious photographer.

However, I've been listening to a Photography podcast for a few months now and they do an assignment every week. This week it was Bokeh. So while I happened to be hanging out in a bowling alley with my camera this weekend, I decided to grab a Bokeh shot. Check out the podcast: On Taking Pictures it's the best photography podcast I've found. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blu Tavern

DAVID OAKILL: 2014-03-16 11:01 &emdash; Blu Tavern

Sunday brunch at the Blu Tavern.

Shot on Galaxy S4, edited in Snapseed.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Javits Center Interior

DAVID OAKILL: Black and White &emdash; Javits Interior
Javits Center Interior, NY. 2014.

Had to go to a trade show today at the Javits Center for work. Didn't get any time to shoot in the city, this was shot in the lobby of the convention center. The overcast skies helped create contrast with the structure. 

Also, pretty much struck out at B+H Photo (again). Most of all my gear comes from there, but I have yet to spend any real time in the store. I'm always in town when they are closed, and they are closed quite often due to their Religion, which I respect. But still, it's quite a let down to get there at noon on a Friday only to find out they are closing at 1. If you haven't been there, I recommend checking the place out, it's pretty cool. Just check to see what the hours are that day and plan ahead.