Sunday, September 21, 2014

Optical Interior Renderings

Some recent 3d renderings for clients of optical retail interiors.

DAVID OAKILL: 3D Architectural Illustration: Interiors &emdash; Modern Optical
3ds Max | V-Ray | Photoshop

DAVID OAKILL: 3D Architectural Illustration: Interiors &emdash; Optical Interior
3ds Max | V-Ray | Photoshop

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rendering Before & Photography After

About a month or so ago, I finished a series of images for a client designing a new retail space. Today, I was able to get one of the finished photos of the space. The image below is the 3D rendering completed about five weeks ago.

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; View 02
3D Interior Rendering using:  3D Studio Max | Vray | Photoshop (BEFORE)

Below is a photograph of the same shot taken this week. *note there were some lighting and material changes between when the rendering was completed and the completion of the physical space.

DAVID OAKILL: Blog Posts &emdash; view 2 photo
Photograph of same space. (AFTER)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thunderstorm at Sunset

DAVID OAKILL: Black & White  Landscapes &emdash; Storm at Sunset
Passing evening storm at sunset. Bucks County, PA. 2014.

DAVID OAKILL: Landscapes Color &emdash; Sunset Storm
Field in Bucks County PA. after a Spring thunderstorm. 2014.

Spring thunderstorms passing through during sunset. Because of the cloud cover, not a lot of pop in color but the light intensity and cloud texture was quite dramatic. Finally found some time to get out and shoot with a real camera instead of using my cell phone.

Red Barn

Red barn on route 113 in Collegeville, PA. Shot on a Galaxy S4 during my morning commute.

Thursday, May 22, 2014